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Post-game quotesheet - United 1, Firpo 1


On tying at home

We’ve been through these competitions before. Knowing that if you don’t take care of your results at home, you’re going to be in for a tough environment and difficult circumstances. We didn’t take care of our chances today - we had plenty. I don’t know that we adapted to the game real well early, I thought we let them have too much possession. We know what’s ahead now. There’s no other result than having to go down there and get a win.

On how Firpo played
We figured they were going to be pretty good on possession, and they were. They created more opportunities than I would have liked. Obviously we managed our lineup again and it took us a little bit to find our chemistry.

On Szetela’s play
I give [Szetela] credit for gutting out 90, because that wasn’t my intention. He stuck with it. There was a lot of space on the flanks to play today. We exposed it as well as we could have. But for his first game I think he learned a little bit about us, understanding how our players play and what’s expected of him.

On team’s chemistry with scattered lineup
I think every game offers new challenges. I know this – that on Saturday [vs. Houston] we’re going to focus on Saturday and pick up the pieces after that and we’ll worry about Tuesday [at Firpo], but Saturday is a very important game.

On settling for the draw

Well, we were really upset with the game we played this weekend in San Jose. We were 2-0 up [and settled for a tie] and things like that happen to us all season. We’re up on teams and we just give up. Today, I think Firpo played great. They showed us they can possess the ball the majority of the time. They were really different, really mature and I think they were ready. It’s going to be really hard for us to play on their field next Tuesday because today, we felt like we were not playing at home. We played like we were on a neutral field.

On Greg Janicki’s giveaway that led to Firpo’s goal
Greg [Janicki]’s mistake was just unlucky. I think the guys did well. We changed not a lot – not just the back three but we changed the whole team around and we’re kind of used to it. I think the guys did well in the back and it was just an unlucky mistake. Besides that, they played well.

On defending Firpo's attack

I don’t we really had any trouble defending. It really was just our own mistakes that were made. I think the mistake really changed the game, but that’s life – you just have to move forward and definitely have a strong game over there.

On moving to right back
I’ve been playing in the middle pretty much the whole season and being put on the right side kind of changes that, but I don’t think it affected me that much other than I was a little fatigued.

On Firpo's style of play

They were a lot more technical. They got out of pressure situation a lot more and they were good players so give them credit. It wasn’t a lot of one-touch movement passing but they had the technique and that made it difficult.

On missing open shots from distance
For me, it was really frustrating. I really feel that if I get a few shots like that, I need to put one in and it didn’t happen.

On the team's mentality during this busy part of the season
I think people are doing well. It’s important to stay healthy and we have a few injuries, but the spirits are high. The people who are coming on and playing are doing well. We just need to start doing it for 90 minutes.

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