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In the locker room, one of the more popular activity among players is ping-pong. And really, how can you not like ping-pong? Competing after training today were rookies Ryan Cordeiro and Jeremy Barlow. I can't say I know who ended the day victorious, but Cordeiro was winning while I was watching... 

If I had to guess, I'd say you're probably asking yourself the following question: "which United player reigns supreme at the ever-popular game of ping-pong?" Thinking one step ahead of your very own thoughts, I polled a few of the guys to find out.

Me: Who is the best ping-pong player on the team?
Dan Stratford: Pat Carroll, probably [who was standing nearby]. 
Dane Murphy [also standing nearby], in response: Funny, 'cause I beat him yesterday - worked him. 
Strats: Well, I have to dish out that WVU love [PC and Strats were college teammates]. But, actually Namoff is really good. 
Me: Jose, how are your ping-pong skills? Who's the best?
Jose Carvallo: I'm not bad, but I'm not perfect. I'd say Jaime, Santino or Marcelo.. maybe Namoff. 
Quavas passes. He is obviously dying to answer the question, as well [embellished for dramatic effect]. 
Me: Hello, Q. How are you?
Q: Ask me! Ask me! 
Me: Oh.. what are you doing this weekend?
Q: No! Ask me the ping-pong question!
Me: Oh. Okay. Who do you think is the best ping-pong player on the team?
Q: Namoff and Jaime are really good. 'Tino is pretty good, too.
Me: Your answer was really boring, Q, considering how excited you were. 
Q: I know. 
One name kept coming up. Namoff. I heard it everywhere I turned. 
Me: Who's the best ping-pong player on the team?
McTavish: Namoff. 
Me: Who's the best ping-pong player on the team?
Wells: Namoff. 
Me: Who's the best ping-pong player on the team?
Santino: Me [okay, not everyone agreed]. 
Me: Who's the best ping-pong player on the team?
Burch: Namoff. 
So, I decided to go to the source.
Me: Yo, Namoff, who's the best ping-pong player on the team?
Namoff: Bryan Namoff
Me: Really? Third person?
Namoff: Bryan Namoff. 
Me: Who else is good?
Namoff: Nobody else. 
Me: Seriously?
Namoff: I have yet to find an opponent that requires me to break a sweat.
He seems pretty confident. I've not yet seen him in action, but it seems entirely likely that the Inaugural Behind The Badge Ping-Pong! Tournament will be taking place in the near future. Having never seen any of these guys play-pong, who would you put your money on?