RFK Stadium

Security and Courtesy Policies

For the safety and security of our guests, please adhere to the following policies:

Management reserves the right to handle each occurrence on a case-by-case basis. There are no check-in areas or lockers available at the facility.

Some events such as concerts, international games, and other sanctioned events may prohibit banners, flags, musical instruments or signs. Please contact Guest Services at 202-587-5472 for stadium policies during special events.

  • Proper behavior is expected from all of our guests. Offensive Language, including racial or sexist comments; or other intimidating actions will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from RFK Stadium.
  • Please refrain from throwing objects on the playing field, entering the playing field, blowing whistles, and interfering with the flow of the game. Violators will be ejected from the stadium and subject to arrest.
  • We require that all persons entering the stadium be searched for prohibited items. (See PROHIBITED ITEMS) This includes a thorough inspection of all jackets, coats, packages, bags, backpacks, purses and any other containers brought to any of the stadium entry gates. In addition, guests may be randomly selected for security screenings with hand-held metal detectors.
  • Ticket scanning technology is in use at all entry gates. Guests may not exit and re-enter the stadium using the same ticket.
  • Retain tickets for Event Staff to verify proper seat location. Be prepared to show your tickets each time you enter your assigned seating section.
  • Sit only in your assigned seat to avoid inconveniencing other guests. Offenders will be escorted from the Stadium. Aisles must be clear at all times. Upper Level (400 & 500 sections) is not open for seating unless specified for certain events.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all seating areas and restrooms. Smoking is permitted only in open-air areas such as concourses. Offenders will be escorted from the restrooms of RFK Stadium.
  • Confetti and streamers are permitted ONLY with prior approval from Guest Services. Streamers are not to be used to impact on-field competition or thrown toward a player, referee or stadium staff member. Violators may be removed from RFK Stadium.
  • Drums, drum sticks, and musical instruments are allowed into the stadium provided they fit on your lap or at your feet and are not disruptive to surrounding guests. Any guest who brings in a musical instrument will be required to sit in a designated supporter section. Please visit Customer Service at the Main Gate for special ticketing information or exchanging your ticket(s) for a ticket in a designated supporter section.
  • Guests may not exit and re-enter the stadium using the same ticket. However, in the event of an emergency, guests should contact a gate supervisor, who will permit a guest to re-enter the stadium at the same gate. Guests who leave the stadium at any time, without authorization of a gate supervisor, will not be permitted to re-enter.