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Player Appearance Guidelines

Appearances are an essential part of D.C. United's community outreach efforts


Appearances are an essential part of D.C. United's community outreach efforts and provide the team the opportunity to generate positive impact throughout the Washington, D.C. area. Giving back allows D.C. United to support a great number of organizations which in turn help those in need.

However, the demands of travel, practice, and games makes the availability of our players and coaches extremely limited. So, we ask you to please observe the following guidelines:

General Guidelines

  • Appearances should last no longer than 90 minutes and occur within a 35 mile radius of Washington, D.C. (or 45 minutes outside of the 495 Beltway). Please consider driving time when submitting the request for an appearance.
  • Appearances should not begin earlier than 2:00 p.m. on training days (training typically occurs Monday through Friday); no appearances are allowed on match days.
  • A D.C. United staff member, intern and/or volunteer will attend every scheduled D.C. United appearance and will bring the appropriate items as needed (i.e., player cards, autograph pens, promotional items, banners) and will offer assistance when appropriate.

Player Assignments

  • Due to training, travel, D.C. United games or national team games, player participation may not be confirmed until as little as a day before the event. Please do not assume that there will be an injured or non-traveling player to fill in at the last minute.
  • Appearances the night before a game will be limited to injured or suspended players only.
  • Scheduling player appearances while the team is out of town are very difficult and may result in no players being available.

Appearance Fees

  • Some events require appearance fees.
  • Fees for appearances are set by the MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Community Relations Department will contact you if your event requests requires an appearance fee.

Request Procedures

  • All requests for an appearance must be made six weeks in advance of the publicity deadline or date of the event itself, whichever is first.
  • You must use D.C. United's Player/Coach Appearance Request Form to make a formal request to be considered for an official appearance by a player, coach and/or front office/management member. Please do not call to make your request.
  • Additional information required when requesting a clinic:
  • Number of clinic attendees,
  • Type of demonstration surface,
  • Age group range of participants and/or age group range of coaches (i.e., U-10, U-12, etc.),
  • Allotted time for clinic,
  • Whether or not goals will be on-site,
  • and, in the case of coaching clinics, whether or not there will be a youth team on site to demonstrate.
  • Note:The host site is responsible for providing balls, pinnies, cones and access to water.
  • Request a player appearance now

Review Criteria

  • Only D.C. United's Community Relations Department can book members of the D.C. United organization for public appearances.
  • Appearance requests may be prioritized according to the following criteria:
  • Is the appearance for a worthwhile charity, organization and/or cause?
  • Will the appearance attract media attention?
  • Will the appearance help draw people to a game?
  • Would a mascot or inflatable be more appropriate for the event?