Coaches and Staff


  • Francisco J. Tobar
    Director of Team Operations
  • Rory Molleda
    Team Coordinator
  • Stewart Mairs
    Director of Soccer Strategy and Analysis
  • Isaac Langley
    Head Equipment Manager
  • Adam Rotchstein
    Physical Preparation Coach
  • Brian Goodstein
    Head Athletic Trainer
  • Kyle Sherry
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Gabriel Manoel
    Physical Therapist
  • Aleck Wong
    Team Chiropractor
  • Christina Miller
    Massage Therapist


  • Dr. Daniel Hampton
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Justin Mullner
    Primary Care Physician
  • Dr. Luis Guerrero
    Primary Care Physician
  • Dr. Allen Taylor
    Team Cardiologist
  • Michael Yochelson
    Team Neurologist
  • Jessica Clark, PhD.
    Team Neuropsychologist
  • Dr. H Ryan Kazemi
    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Dr. Saif Usman
    Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Keith Smithson
    Team Optometrist
  • Dr. Emilio Canal
    Team Dentist