D.C. United Video and Media Internship 2014

Internship timeline: January 15, 2014 - December 10, 2014

D.C. United is seeking an individual to assist with all aspects of the club’s video and multimedia production. Candidates must possess technical knowledge and skill in the following:

  • Operating and handling DV camera equipment
  • Final Cut Pro, Avid Express or other non-linear editing program
  • MAC & FTP savvy
  • Owning HD camera gear a plus
  • Knowledge of Video Compression, After Effects, Motion Graphics a plus
  • Knowledge of Major League Soccer a plus

The internship places large responsibility upon the individual, allowing him or her to handle numerous aspects of the club’s behind-the-scenes video pieces about the team. Under the direction of the Communications Department, the individual will also have a hand in generating and executing ideas.

The individual will also have the opportunity to shoot games from the sideline, interview players in the locker room and cover players outside of their soccer lives. The internship then allows the individual the opportunity to gain valuable experience in editing software including Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Live Type, Motion, DVD Studio Pro and Soundtrack/Sonicfire Pro.

For more information on the internship or to apply, please contact Lee Burrows