19 June 9:47 am

D.C. United’s Robbie Russell, John Thorrington, James Riley and Daniel Woolard enjoyed a delicious meal at Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company. Before the players sat down to their meal, RJ Kenney of Rocklands brought Russell to the “Wall of Fire”— a fully stocked shelf of over 100 different hot sauces. The four members of the Black-and-Red indulged in authentic barbeque with their families and friends, and after watching the video, all of us in the office are thinking baby back ribs for dinner. 

With Russell leaving for medical school shortly after this video was filmed, the Beautiful Dish ratings were never solidified. But, the blog will continue and be back in full effect soon. 

16 June 1:55 am

On Saturday night, the Nicole Megaloudis Foundation held their annual scholarship presentation prior to the D.C. United vs. Toronto FC match. Congratulations to Manuel Hernandez and Luisa Martinez, this year's scholarship winners.

The Nicole Megaloudis Foundation strives to "Make it Happen" for students who display leadership qualities and are in need of financial support. The Foundation is named for, and was founded in honor of, Nicole Megaloudis, the stepdaughter of former D.C. United head coach Thomas Rongen who was killed in an auto accident in 2004. Click here to learn more about the Foundation.

15 June 10:28 pm

At halftime of tonight's match, D.C. United honored the co-founders of DC Brau, Jeff Hancock and Brandon Skall, as well as Donald Wine for everything they did in making "The Tradition" a reality. Hancock and Skall brewed the beer and collaborated with D.C. United for the "Brand the Brew" contest, while Donald Wine was the contest winner--choosing the name, The Tradition. D.C. United would like to thank DC Brau for its hard work in creating a delicious golden ale and Donald for choosing a name that so perfectly reflects the club. 

14 June 3:19 pm

Dwayne De Rosario has scored 22 of his 101 goals against former MLS teams. The talented veteran has tallied six times against tomorrow’s opponent Toronto FC, with three of those goals courtesy of a hat trick on 8/6/11. 

De Rosario found the net four times against Houston, six times against historic rivals New York Red Bulls and six times against the San Jose Earthquakes. 

Whatever the reason for De Rosario’s magic touch against his former teams, we can’t wait to see it tomorrow night at RFK! Will you be there? 

13 June 10:55 am

Last night, fans and players alike tweeted their support of the Black-and-Red ahead of the Open Cup match. Everyone's message was heard loud and clear-- They want the cup!

Syamsir Alam sent out a Tweet of support to his team.

Douglas Rohr took a picture to cheer his team on.

The Tweet before the Storm.

Kyler Gobler “wants the Cup!”

The supporters want the Cup!

Chris Boehm, writer for, showed what was on the line for both teams.


11 June 6:21 pm

Bill Hamid was named the top player in MLS's Castrol Index Weekly Top 20 for Week 15. The homegrown goalkeeper made four key saves against the New England Revolution last Saturday night to end D.C. United's losing streak and help earn the Black-and-Red a point on the road. Adding this to his list of accolades, Hamid has now earned four weekly nods from MLS and one from EA Sports FIFA

07 June 11:09 am

Kyle Porter welcomes a fellow Canadian to D.C.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC forward Tom Heinemann wishes Rochat luck here in D.C.

Julius, a D.C. United supporter, welcomes the whole Rochat family

Jamie Ellis is a "#pissedoffinvancouver"

Randy Wachtin thanks Rochat for his time with Whitecaps FC

07 June 10:26 am

United Soccer Club’s “Spring Kick” Soccer Tournament took place on Wednesday, June 5 and marked the end of United Soccer Club’s (USC) spring season. With over 400 players from 12 sites across the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, “Spring Kick” gave kids an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of their friends and families, as many of the player’s parents were in attendance. USC provided the athletes with healthy food and drink options, stressing a healthy lifestyle.

USC continues to teach D.C.’s youth life skills that benefit them both on and off the field. This spring alone, USC enrolled close to 700 children in the program, increasing the reach and impact United for D.C.—D.C. United’s charitable arm— has on the city as a whole.

United for D.C. would like to thank all of its volunteers from Gallup, Clinovations, the U.S. Coast Guard, D.C. United staff, United for D.C. board members and all of its local supporters. 

06 June 3:04 pm

Oguchi Onyewu told KickTV, if he ever returned to the U.S., D.C. United would be his first choice. Would you want him?

D.C. United returns home to RFK on Saturday, June 15 when they host Toronto FC. Buy tickets now
03 June 9:09 am

Fall Out Boy rocked last Friday night—rocked the Black-and-Red, that is. The popular rock band played at D.C.’s  9:30 Club on May 31 and was presented with personalized, authentic D.C. United jerseys after the show.

Fall Out Boy isn’t the first rock band to go Black-and-Red, though. Back in February, United presented Imagine Dragons with authentic jerseys when they played the Fillmore.

D.C. United would like to send a special thanks to Fall Out Boy and the 9:30 club for their support of the Black-and-Red.