06 November 11:29 am

Today, we continue with our 2013 Superlatives with two of our favorite questions. First, we asked: if you were trapped on a desert island, which coach would you rather have with you? Then, we asked: which teammate would survive the longest on the island from Castaway?

What do you think? Which coach would you choose? Who do you think would survive the longest? Let us know your votes in the comments below!

05 November 11:36 am

It's day 2 of our 2013 Superlatives, and we're keeping it classic. Who do you think were the best and worst singers in the D.C. United locker room in 2013? We're not so sure there was a definitive winner for these awards, as some of the best were also crowned the worst. Tell us who you think gets the vote in the comments below!

04 November 1:02 pm

Dave Johnson and Monumental FC feature the fans in Lot 8 and follows them into the stands, showing why we have the best fans in MLS!

04 November 11:46 am

At the end of the 2013 season, we asked the team a series of questions, encouraging them to reveal things about each other only teammates can know. We started with a classic superlative: Best and Worst Dressed. Though a common question, it always brings out the claws.

Each day we release a new video, we will ask you all to let us know who you think is the answer to our question in the comments below. So, let's kick this thing off! Who do you think was the best dressed in the D.C. United locker room in 2013? What about the worst dressed? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for the videos later today!

04 November 10:41 am

This weekend marked the start of the offseason for D.C. United players. Each spent their downtime in a different way, some traveled, others enjoyed quiet time at home. Bill Hamid, United's Homegrown goalkeeper, spent Saturday cheering on DeMatha High School in the WCAC championship match. Before signing with DCU, Hamid attended DeMatha for the 2005-06 school year, during which he earned First-Team All-Maryland honors, First-Team All-Prince George’s County, First-Team All-WCAC and Second-Team Washington Post All-Met honors.

The Stags defeated rival Gonzaga High School 1-0, finishing their season with a winning record (15-4) and a championship to celebrate. After the Match, Hamid congratulated the team, and joined the locker room celebration. Despite a disappointing season for the Black-and-Red, Hamid and DCU had their own locker room celebration after this year's Open Cup victory.

31 October 3:07 pm

Congratulations to D.C. United fan Joshua who won the 2013 #MLSPumpkin Contest! We are all proud!

How long did that take?
Joshua: I believe I have 7-8 hours on it.

What made you roll with and USOC themed pumpkin?
J: My wife said I should do something different, and asked about the USOC trophy DCU had just won, and said I should use that as the theme.

How excited are you that you won?
J: I could not believe it when the MLS representative contacted me. I had looked at the other entries as they were being posted on twitter. The more I looked, the more anxious I got. I'm just glad that a D.C. United based pumpkin won something else this year!

Is your profession art-based?< That is a pretty awesome Pumpkin and I could never do that!
J: My profession is not art based. This was my first "fancy" pumpkin that I have ever done. It turned out so well my wife asked me to do a minion pumpkin for her. (See Below)

Have people been Tweeting at you?
J: Yes! I am amazed at random people Retweeting me, Tweeting to me, and I even gained a few followers. One in particular is a huge RSL fan, and said it burned him to see the DCU themed USOC pumpkin, as he was at the game. He has, however, been very kind in complementing my entry. I also got compliments from Nick DeLeon and Chris Pontius as well!

31 October 3:01 pm

As an affiliate club, Arlington Soccer Association (ASA) is one of the primary soccer clubs D.C. United looks to for identifying and developing top youth talent in the region. Not only are ASA players scouted and brought in to play for D.C. United, but all levels of ASA teams benefit from the quality and consistency of the affiliate program. In this young relationship, D.C. United wants to share coaching and training resources with ASA that will improve players, coaches and teams.

Arlington Soccer Association has three players on the D.C. United Academy U-16 roster this season. Patrick Jean-Gilles, Hamza Monawer and Christophe Gerlach are all current D.C. United players, but they all come from the same ASA roots.

“ASA helped us get recognized by D.C. United,” said Jean-Gilles. “We now have opportunities we wouldn’t have had without this connection.”

The Arlington Impact Red U16 boys and Arlington Strikers Red U17 boys have also had success alongside Jean-Gilles, Monawer and Gerlach. Both teams were crowned Virginia State Cup Champions after winning in a competitive finals weekend on Oct. 27.

“I’m really proud of them,” said Gerlach. “The three of us here at D.C. United just want to say congratulations. It’s a big accomplishment.”

The affiliation between the Arlington Soccer Association and D.C. United could be a shining example for other soccer communities,” said ASA Director of Travel Coaching German Peri. “The relationship allows ASA access to D.C. United’s professional coaching curricula and methodologies, while allowing D.C. United to benefit from ASA’s talented player pool and youth developmental program."

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31 October 2:44 pm

Happy Halloween, United fans! This week's #TBT is brought to you by one of the gnarliest pictures taken this season. In a matchup against Toronto FC at RFK on June 15, DCU defender Daniel Woolard suffered a hard hit to the face. The result? This picture.

Happy Halloween. Hope you don't have nightmares.

Photo Credit: Tony Quinn /

27 October 5:16 pm

Through a rough season, the Black-and-Red Faithful supported the club with unrivaled passion and dedication. We thank you all for wearing the crest with pride and supporting us on the field and in the community. Without your help in our Open Cup run this season, we could never have lifted our 13th trophy, together, as one. Thank you for your continued encouragement and steadfast support in 2013.

25 October 2:58 pm

With the 2013 season coming to a close, Monumental FC pulled together its "Best Of" from the show's inaugural season. Enjoy!