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20 December 10:54 am

Cans of The Tradition, with the home schedule for 2014, will be available for purchase in February. Let the countdown begin! 

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12 December 5:00 pm

What a great day! So much DCU love.

And we leave you with what everyone is wondering...


05 December 11:37 am

While you were sleeping, the team departed from Jakarta and headed towards Bandung, where they will play their first friendly tomorrow morning (our time). Here are some of the tweets and Instagram posts coming from the squad as they arrived and checked out the view.

05 December 9:52 am

Watch live streaming video from at_america at

Yesterday, our own Ethan White, Jared Jeffrey and Conor Doyle joined a popular Indonesian talk show called @america. The host, as well as members of the audience and media, asked the three D.C. United standouts questions about everything from how they got their start in soccer to the rise of MLS to what they eat everyday to stay fit. Check it out!


03 December 9:25 am

Now that Taylor Kemp has taken us all the way to Jakarta, let's check in with the rest of team. While you were sleeping and/or waking up this morning, they arrived in Indonesia. 

Make sure you follow all the guys on both Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date on all the excitement in Indonesia!

02 December 11:29 am

As the team heads to Indonesia to kickoff the offseason tour in Southeast Asia, defender Taylor Kemp is keeping us all up-to-date via Twitter using #dcu2indo. Hopefully he keeps this up, because all of us here in the U.S. are enjoying the play-by-play.

22 November 10:47 am

D.C. United Homegrown goalkeeper Bill Hamid is training with West Brom through next week, returning in time to join his teammates in Indonesia. The talented, young goalkeeper was recently with the U.S. Men's National Team in Scotland and Austria for two friendly matches. Though Hamid did not feature, he always finds training at the national team level invaluable and a great chance to grow. Continuing his trianing with an Enlgish Premier League club, Hamid is focused on developing as an elite 'keeper.

Today, Hamid tweeted while in the West Midlands, showing he was enjoying his time there.


11 November 9:53 am

On every team, there are those people that you would want by your side during a fight. There are also those few you know would take cover if things got messy. So, who do you think most DCU players want with them if anything ever went down? Who do you think would hide á la Franklin in the above clip from the Replacements? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

08 November 4:03 pm

It's unbelievably easy to take what we have for granted. For instance: when I'm hungry, I eat. It is that simple. But, for so many others, that is not an option; it's not that simple. We can help, and today, during our First Day of Giving, we did.

Kicking off D.C. United's 10 Days of Giving, a few volunteers from our staff joined Thrive DC at St. Stephen's Church in Northwest to provide meals for homeless and disadvantaged men and women. Additionally, we donated the toiletries from our October United Drives collection and the extra D.C. United Season Ticket Holder blankets.

It was 8 a.m. on a Friday morning. I had pressed snooze twice this morning. Yet, I couldn't have felt more ready for the day. The vibes upon entering the church were contagiously positive and energizing.

After tying my apron and putting on my gloves, I was immediately put to work. Together, we made chicken noodle soup, cabbage stir-fry, salad, toast with butter and began preparing Monday's breakfast. As soon as all the food was set out in the dinning room, including the breakfast burritos donated by DC Central Kitchen, we began serving meals to those in need. 

For three hours, we played a small role in feeding the hungry. The gratefulness on the men and women's faces as they worked their way down the line is what it is all about: people helping people. Washingtonians helpings Washingtonians. D.C. United being out in the community, helping to make it just slightly better than it was yesterday.

06 November 11:29 am

Today, we continue with our 2013 Superlatives with two of our favorite questions. First, we asked: if you were trapped on a desert island, which coach would you rather have with you? Then, we asked: which teammate would survive the longest on the island from Castaway?

What do you think? Which coach would you choose? Who do you think would survive the longest? Let us know your votes in the comments below!